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New Honeywell Cam Review

WIC1 - Economical Indoor Cam with Audio
WIC2 - Amazing Wide Angle HD Indoor Cam with Audio
WOC1 - Top Drawer Outdoor Cam - No Audio

They look different on the outside but the picture quality really says it all.   At High Level Alarms we don't sell anything that we don't test.  These cameras are the ones we've been waiting for, begging for, and they have far exceeded our expectations.

In order to understand why I'm so excited about these new cameras, I need to tell you about earlier versions by Honeywell, where I felt, they really fell short.  Unfortunately, a short time back there were no other options out there.

The color quality of what was my previous favorite ( the IP Cam WO ) wasn't bad but these new cams are not only superb but bright and crystal clear as a cam can get.  A normal field of view never seemed to cut it for me and what I really wanted to see was a bit of a wide angle.  With a 138 degree wide angle lens, the C2 really does the job.  ( see pic below )  It's all about finding the cam that best suits your need.

A camera that integrates with your alarm system, all on one app, is great but a recording time of 10 seconds was hardly enough time to turn the camera on and off and it left you wondering, what may or may not have occurred after those quick ten seconds.   Alas, maybe Honeywell got the message because this new series of cams record for thirty seconds and instantly record again if the action is still taking place.  All recordings are maintained in a cloud for a seven day period. 

The new
WOC1 outdoor cam has a field of view of 117 degrees and there is no audio but the invisible night led lighting is better than ever with a reach of 65' or so.  Personally, I'd still like to see an outdoor version of the C2.   Below is a still pic that shows the clarity and wide angle view of this C2 cam indoor cam.  fI think anyone would agree that this is a very nice picture.

All of these cams have selectable area motion recording.   The C1 and C2 have sound recording and the ability to recognize sound and they can send a text alert so that you know if the baby is crying, or if your smoke detector activated.   Even though the C2 is an indoor unit, I live in Florida, so I've placed one outdoors under a roof area.   So far, so good and time will tell how that goes.   All in all, I'd rate this as the best cam ever to come from Honeywell, or from anyone for that matter. 

One final huge addition is the Privacy Feature that you can operate on your phone app.  One touch and your camera is Off, another and it's On.   Most of us do not want to record ourselves.  You can also set up your cam with zwave automation so that it turns on and off according to your alarm being armed or disarmed.

If per chance you were used to viewing your cams on your control panel screen, this feature is not available.  Honeywell tells me that it may enable this feature as a software update but I'm not holding my breath.  Considering the new features these cams are still top notch.

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