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GSM, CDMA & Other Methods of Communication Explained

1. Standard Wired Home Phone Lines

For many years wired phone lines were the only way that alarm systems could send their signals.  Everyone knew the main shortcoming, which was that phone lines could be cut.  Worse yet, there was no way of knowing that communication had ceased, if cut.  Home owners had no choice but to accept this, since it seemed better than nothing. Some people are still using this today.

2. Early Radio Communication ( old style - not even applicable in modern systems )

We're talking really early radio communicators here that did essentially, only one thing.  Via whatever kind of radio used, they communicated an alert with no way of telling exactly what the alert was supposed to be.  In other words, you couldn't tell if you had a burglary on the front door, or if you had an AC outage, or a high water signal.  In the event that you only needed to know one thing, then great, because that's all you got.  This type of alert is pretty much long gone.

3. Wi-Fi - Internet Dialers 

The new Lyric arrives with built in WI-FI. This method utilizes your existing Internet as a pathway to communicate with Central.  For added safety, it can be combined with cell dialing.  Beyond normal communication, it can perform other tasks, such as allow viewing of cameras and remote operation on cell phones, etc.

4. Cell Phone Dialers ( today's radio communicator )

In short, cell dialers have essentially replaced wired phone dialers.  There are two basic types, GSM and CDMA and the only real difference is that one works on the AT&T network and the other on Verizon.  This is the biggest advance in alarm systems because cell phone dialers are in fact, radio communication of the next generation.  They can identify and report individual zones for alarms, faults, operation, failure, etc.  You do need AC or continuous power but they can be used anywhere that has cell service.  That includes boats, out buildings, motor homes, trailers, etc. Unlike a wired phone line, the Lyric also has the ability to notify in the event that the system is attacked and smashed.  This is called, Advanced Protection Logic.

One APP does it all.  You can access your alarm and cameras from virtually anywhere.  Take control of your home, control it or automate it.  You'll be amazed at what you can do.