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DIY & What You Need to Know

A DIY project sounds like the easy way to go but if you're not dealing with a great company, it can turn out to be very dissapointing.   There are two main factors that you should examine closely.  The system is the hardware, which needs to be high quality and then there is software, which should be updateable and programmed initially and whenever you need changes along the way.  Your needs will very likely change as time passes.   If the alarm company isn't there to help for whatever reason, then your alarm system could become obsolete.

Free perks are always nice but when you hear "free alarm" or "$99." installation fee, you should know that you are about to get "junk" and "poor to no service" after the fact.   The big companies that sell in this manner are out to hook you into long term monitoring contracts because that's how they make their money.   Of course you need monotoring these days but a one year contract is where you should draw the line.   This gives you time to scope out the quality of your purchase, the service you get when you call the company and time enough to decide if you should move on after the first year.   Some High Level Alarms customers have stayed with us for over thirty years, which speaks for itself.

From the moment you join us and forever after, you will be treated like family.   Once you are our customer, your call is always answered on a first name basis and being placed on hold is virtually unheard of.   We guarantee and assure that your system is trouble free and operates exactly as you want it to.  We make everything simple and easy and we assist you every step of the way.

We keep up with the latest in technology and only the very best is good enough for us and for our customers.  If that's what you're looking for, then please give us a call.