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We guarantee this alarm system is easy to install and virtually anyone can do it.  We assist you and guide you with every step of the installation.  Free tech support, for as long as you are monitored.

In addition, all parts are guaranteed ( see exceptions below ) to operate under normal use conditions for a period of one year from date of purchase.  If any part fails under normal use, not abuse, simply package it in the original carton/box, return it to us and we will send you a new part at no cost, so long as your monthly monitoring payments are not in arrears.


Key Fobs only covered to operate on delivery.  Because they are often subjected to excessive abuse by virtue of being carried on key chains, or in purses, they can be damaged even when used normally.  Essentially, if they work on arrival, there is no further coverage.

IP Cameras as covered by manufacturer warranty.  They must be sent to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.  Manufacturer will determine level of coverage, which is generally one year from date of purchase.