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Monitoring - Only $24.95 Monthly - Required  - We call you for all details

  Door/Window Contact   -  Peel & Stick or Screw in Place


     Mini Door/Window Contact - Approx. 1/2 size for discriminating look

   Lyric Pet Immune Motion Detector  - Approximately 40 lb. rated

  Lyric Smoke Detector

 Lyric Wireless Siren - Place it Anywhere Indoors

Lyric Key Fob - Quick Local Arm/ DisArm
  Heat Detector - Used Where Smoke Detector May Not be Practical
  The Round Thermostat with GEO Fence Technology
Glass Break - Activates Prior to Entry when Glass Shatters
Carbon Monoxide Detector - They save lives yet few actually have them
Lyric C1 Indoor Low Resolution Camera - Reasonably Priced
Lyric C2 Indoor High Resolution Wide Angle & Night Vision - Great View
Temperature Sensor - Temp Monitor in case of freezing, etc.
Flood Sensor - Know if the basement is getting wet or any flooding occurring
Asset Protector - Attach to know if any item is moved - Pictures, Cabinets, etc.
Alarm signal repeater - Boost signal for transmission
ZWave Lamp Module - Automate your home the easy way
  Table/Counter/Desk Mount - Easier than wall mounting
Skybell Camera - A doorbell that alerts and records

Free Apps to Bring it all Together



    Choose Your Equipment & Features

Remote Anywhere Operation

GEO Fence Features & Automation

Simple Install & Everyday Use

Pre-Programmed & Ready for You

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               lyricpricing.html Night Vision GEO Fence wide angle

               adjustablealert  2 Way Voice  cloud


INTELLIGENT SOUND DETECTION  with The NEW C2 Wide Angle Night Vision Cam
The C2 recognizes many sounds and knows the difference between them. Mount it in your baby nursery and it can alert you to your baby crying and sends a notification if compatible smoke or carbon monoxide alarms are triggered, letting you act quickly.