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While visiting a friend on Marco Island one day, the following true story was related and it was a real eye opener.  Fortunately, we have the answer that can solve the problems and issues that occurred here.

  My friend, Mike, stays in Marco part of the year and then he may be gone for weeks, or months at a time.  He owns a beautiful home on an inlet and when he departs, he has a variety of people to handle a number of different items having to do with the house that is vacant while he's up north.

He has a man that comes over and checks out his boat, starts the engine and runs it for awhile and also does maintenance if required. 

Next, he has a pool cleaning company that comes over, cleans the pool and assures that it is also running properly.

Naturally, he has a landscaper attend to the grass, shrubs, etc.

Finally, he has a man who comes into the house simply to verify that the AC is operating and to assure that everything indoors is as it should be.

If you have more than  one home and you come and go like Mike does, then you already know that all of this really adds up financially but you may also have assessed that it's worth it in order that you can get to enjoy the Florida sunshine, when you want to.


I hope that by now, you are wondering what it was that happened to Mike that shocked and surprised me so much.  In short, a neighbor called him at his other home one day and advised him that the man who checks his house was apparently, also living there.  Mike had another person look into it and sure enough, the man had had problems with his wife and so, having a key to the property, he just decided to make himself at home and he'd been there for over a month.  Because he had a key, I guess you couldn't call him a burglar but I'd sure call him an intruder.

As you could well imagine, this particular gentleman is no longer on the list of individuals who work on this premise.  However, the issue here is even greater and more complex than it appears.  In fact, we seem to have a situation that is fraught with flaws that if not attended to, will leave lots of room for errors and problems.  In order to properly understand the situation, let's begin with the person who regularly checks the house.  

There is a security system but that system is not reporting one of the more important items that should be known, which is, who is entering and leaving and at what time.  A High Level Alarm system will do exactly that, log it in it's memory and even send you an email of the occurrence, if you wish to be notified.  This instantly tells you two things: If the man actually checked the house, as he was supposed to, or if he did check, just how long it took him to do it.  If he then didn't leave the house in a reasonable time, we could then have the police pay him a visit. Oh, and how about the fact that the Lyric can also send you a text with the pic of the person who is disarming.

The next thing that we need to ask ourselves is, should the man actually have a key to the house in the first place?  I know that you are thinking that he must have one in order to get in.  Well that my friends is no longer true.  Via our alarm system, you can now automate almost anything electrical and also have it remotely available to access on your smart phone or PC.  That means that we have door locks that you can control from virtually anywhere.  If he wants access, he will now need to phone for someone to open the door, remotely.  This permission to enter, automatically tells the person that there is a system in place and that he is being observed, which would likely negate the scenario that occurred to Mike.

This is an example of one of the many remote locks currently available.  The original lock is removed, this one is put in place, we program it and you can then control it from anywhere.  You can be thousands of miles away and actually lock or unlock your door with instant verification that it did happen.

Similarly, we have thermostats that can be programmed to set themselves up or down depending on circumstances that you designate.  Best of all, if the AC fails, you will get a call from the alarm system or central station telling you so.  You can even check the house temperature right on your phone with the free app.  This might even negate the need for anyone having to enter the house in the first place, if that's all that they were checking.

The Lyric has automation already installed, so a z-wave unit can automate nearly anything.  You'll be able to view the current settings right on your phone or PC.  You will never again need to send someone inside to check temperature, lights, etc.
You can set up specific lights to come on or off when things occur, such as a particular door opens, or when you leave the house.  We can create a sequence of events and then command the individual location to respond accordingly.  You could depart with lots of lights on and shortly thereafter, they will automatically turn off, only to turn on again when you return.  You choose what you would like to see and we can make it happen.

Of course, that would still not tell you if the man started the boat engine and maybe even went for a drive, or if the pool guy came as often as he was being paid for, or if the lawn got mowed on a regular basis.  However, our fully programmable cameras that can see in total darkness will take care of many of those sorts of things.  If you choose, you can get an email every time someone walks up to your front door, or when the pool man goes into the pool area and even when the boat maintenance man starts the engine.  A few cameras indoors guarding specific areas of concern are great safety items too.  Plus you can view them live anytime you like, just to check things yourself.

This is all about peace of mind.  There is nothing complicated and we program your alarm system even before it gets to your home.  We can protect as much or as little as you like, up to 64 zones.  It can be set up to practically operate itself.  You don't even need a phone line because we use 4G cell dialing technology, so if someone cuts the line, it won't matter to your alarm.

Please feel free to call and ask any questions.  Also, please view this site for lots of information.