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The Following is a True Story

While visiting a friend on Marco Island one day, the following true story was related and it was a real eye opener. Fortunately, High Level Alarms has the answers to solve such problems.

My friend Mike, stays in Marco part of the year and then he may be gone for weeks, or months at a time. He owns a beautiful home on an inlet and when he departs, he has a variety of people handle a number of different items having to do with his house, that is vacant while he's up north. At least, it's supposed to be vacant!

He has a man that comes over and checks out his boat, starts the engine and runs it for awhile and also does maintenance if required. Next, he has a pool cleaning company that comes over, cleans the pool and assures that it is also running properly. Naturally, he has a landscaper attend to the grass, shrubs, etc.

Finally, he has a man who comes into the house simply to verify that the AC is operating and to assure that everything indoors is as it should be. If you have more than one home and you come and go like Mike does, then you already know that all of this really adds up financially but you may also have assessed that it's worth it, just so that you can get to enjoy the Florida sunshine, when you want to.

Invited Help Becomes Intruder

As I've stated before, this really happened. Mike got a call one day from a concerened neighbor, advising him that the man who checks his house was apparently, now living there. Mike had another person look into it and sure enough, the man had had problems with his wife and so, having a key to the property, he just decided to make himself at home. Worse yet, he'd already been there for well over a month. I suppose that simply because he had a key, you couldn't call him a burglar, but I'd sure call him an intruder. I mean really, no one has a right to just move into a home that they haven't bought, rented or given explicit permission to utilize.

As you could well imagine, this particular gentleman is no longer enlisted as a guardian of Mike's home. However, the issue here is even greater and more complex than it appears. In fact, we seem to have a situation that is fraught with flaws, that if not attended to, will leave lots of room for errors and problems that could come back again and again. In order to properly understand the situation, let's begin with the person who regularly checks the house.