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Two Extremely Important Alarm System Choices

1. Choosing the equipment: The specific alarm system that you choose is of critical importance.  It should have all of the features that you want for today and that you may need in the future.  Finally, reliability will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.  Most of today's alarm systems are wireless and that means you will have batteries, so let's be sure that they have a long life with full reporting when they begin to run low.
2. Choosing a reliable seller:  The alarm company that you choose is equally, if not more important, when you select your system.  If you opt to choose your alarm system by price alone, you may get exactly what you pay for, which means that service may be poor to non existent.  When you need help of any kind, you need to be able to quickly speak to a real live person whose primary concern is your satisfaction. 

At High Level Alarms we are conscientious and we care deeply about providing you with absolute satisfaction.   To do this, we don't settle for anything less than the best wireless home and business alarm system that the market has to offer.  Let me repeat that, only the best is good enough for High Level Alarms, which guarantees that you also get the best.  We are not one of the big companies in the industry, so we appreciate every customer, which assures that you will receive personal care that is second to none.

Available for YOU 

Simple Use Technology

You choose how many of it's numerous features you'd like to utilize

Please browse this entire site to check out what this system can do for you

Protection is only the beginning of what this alarm system can do.  This is a modern day, forward thinking electronic marvel.  Yes, it can be an everyday land line dialing system, if that's all you want.  On the other hand, it can have cell dialing, where phone lines become irrelevant.  It can add such niceties as the ability to be controlled remotely from virtually anywhere.  Home automation and adding cameras is another possibility that may be of interest to you.  It's all about choices...

New Features Include

Automatic Home Arming

Smashed System Alert

Back Door Opened in Unarmed Mode Alert

Touch Screen Control

Add Zones Anytime

Fully Expandable

Plug & Play Ready

Easy Install

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NEW 7 in. Screen
Get Optional Cameras
& View Live Video

Add Features Now or Later
L7000 PACK

Includes All Items Below

Free Shipping - Advanced Programming - Forever Free Tech Support - No Installation Fees - GSM Cell Dialer - User Manuals - Window Stickers - 1 Key Fob - 1 5800 Pet Immune Motion Detector - 3 Wireless Door/Window Transmitters & Magnets - 1 Back Up Battery - 1 Transformer - Home Automation Capable - Camera Capable - WI-FI Capable - More Zone Capable Than Virtually Anyone Will Ever Require
Order Your System Now & $ave
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Reg. List $902.95

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We Are Now Offering "Smashed System Alert"

Also referred to as "APL" or Advanced Protection Logic

With APL a premise entered and not quickly disarmed is assumed to have had the alarm system destroyed and therefore, we have a means of recognizing this so we can respond to it as a burglary.  Without APL a hammer to an alarm system not only destroys the system but also the systems ability to report, rendering it useless.


Really Easy To Install

Mount the peel & stick transmitters

Open the Control & Connect the Battery

Screw it to the Wall or Place on a Table

Plug in the Transformer

One Minute to Power UP

You're Done

The 7 inch L7000 allows you to display four cameras at once

Ease of installation is always guaranteed because we fully prepare and program your system prior to shipping




The New Honeywell Lynx Touch Screen can be a minimal option system, or a multi option system.

If you choose, you can have full home automation for lights, thermostats and even remote operated door locks and much more.  Cameras that you can view from anywhere are another great option.

An Android tablet is now available and completely changes the concept of an extra keypad.  This tablet will look, feel and respond in identical fashion to the control, including voice annunciation and you can use it anywhere in the house as a full function unit. ( see below left )

You can configure this system to suit your needs.  It can dial with a conventional land line, or you can dump the land line and utilize GSM cell, or WI-FI communicating. 


WOW.....The  Honeywell Lynx Touch Technology Surpasses Anything 

that's Ever Come Before



  • 7" color graphic touchscreen 
    - Resolution 800 x 480 pixels 
    - 16.7 million colors 
    - Intuitive easy-to-use touchscreen interface 
    - Easy to understand icons 
    - Menu driven navigation 
    - Quick, accurate programming 
    - Two dedicated keys for easy access to the home screen and emergency functions
  • On-premises video viewing 
    - Integrated video: System supports up to four cameras, which can be displayed individually or in a quad configuration on the touchscreen. Works with compatible Honeywell Total Connect Video products only (iPCAM-PT, iPCAM-WO, iPCAM-WI2/B, ACU).
  • Wi-Fi support 
    - Alarm communication to AlarmNet® and lifestyle messaging via the user’s Internet connection 
    - Two-way voice over Wi-Fi 
    - Enables the LYNX Connect iOS app (available on iTunes®) and the app for Android™ (available on Google Play™)
  • Integrated Z-Wave provides control and integration of: 
    - Thermostats 
    - Water valves 
    - Door locks 
    - Sirens 
    - Lighting 
    - Scenes, schedules and rules 
    - Local, automatic and remote control via Honeywell Total Connect
  • Push/Pull content through Honeywell Total Connect 
    - Weather available in Fahrenheit or Celsius (one day or five day forecasts) 
    - Emergency alerts (tornadoes) – requires Honeywell Total Connect with Information Services Package 
    - Traffic 
    - News 
    - Dealer/Central station messages (payments due, sales opportunities, community news) 
    - End-user requests for sales or service
  • Advanced Protection Logic™ technology 
    – With APL enabled, the alarm can be reported even if the system is tampered with during the entry and communications delay times. APL can be selected when using a Honeywell GSM or IP communicator.
  • Voice announcement of system and zone status
  • Family message center (for user recorded messages)
  • Works with Honeywell Total Connect 
    - Remote control of security, garage doors and Z-Wave devices 
    - Selected event notifications
  • Voice chime by zone
  • 10 selectable chime tones
  • Automatic stay arming
  • 48 user codes (Installer, Master, plus 46 Secondary, including Duress and Guest)
  • Three panic functions
  • Wall or desk mount
  • Viewable event log stores up to 256 events
  • Exit error feature (detects difference between an actual alarm and exit alarm caused by leaving a door open after the exit delay expires)
  • Case tamper
  • RF jam detection
  • Quick Exit feature provides users with an exit delay after arming their system
  • Night Stay and Silent Exit modes
  • Hinged cover for easy installation
  • Real-time clock display
  • Garage Door Function 
    - Up to four garage doors per system 
    - Unique garage door icon 
    - View and monitor garage door status 
    - Auto-secure feature 
    - Remote notification via Honeywell Total Connect 
    - Garage door control* 
    - Automatically control door via scenes, rules and schedules 
    - Locally open/close garage door from touchscreen or compatible mobile device 
    - Remotely open/close garage door via Honeywell Total Connect

Local Mobility

  • LYNX Connect† iOS app and app for Android - Same functions and GUI as the L7000

Zones and Devices

  • One hardwired zone
  • Wireless zones – 80 programmable plus 24 dedicated to keyfobs
  • Supports wireless bidirectional keypads
  • Internal GSM radio option
  • Wi-Fi module option
  • ILP5 Internet module option
  • Programmable trigger output

*Requires 5877GDPK, consisting of the 5877 Relay Receiver and Z-Wave Strobe/Sounder. Not compatible with certain garage doors and garage door openers. Garage door control must have working entrapment protection. See installation instructions for details. 
†LYNX Connect apps are available for a nominal fee in Apple® iTunes® Store or Google Play Store. All trademarks are property of their respective owners..



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