These Alarm Systems Serve Any Size Home, Any Size Business & More
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2 New Versions

L5200 - 4.7 in. Screen

2 New Honeywell Alarm Systems

Touch Screen Control

Add Your Features Anytime

Fully Expandable

Plug & Play Ready to Protect

Easy Install in about 10 Minutes

Automation & Camera Capable

L7000 -  7 in. Screen


Attention Business Owners

Stop Your Profits from Going Out the Back Door - Receive Instant Alerts on "Back Door Open"

Add Cameras and receive a Video of the Offender, Instantly

NOTE:  The  Honeywell L5200 & L7000 Alarm System is the most amazing & user friendly technology available. We handle all of the technical stuff so that you don't have to.  Big name companies have money for advertising but won't spend the time to assure your satisfaction.  High Level Alarms has treated every customer like family since 1986 and we'll do the same for you.  You're system is already programmed and ready to go right out of the box.


New Window Stickers Now Available

  No phone line Required

  No Phone Line to Cut
  4G means added Safety
  Adapts to Your Needs
  Add Home Automation
& Cams anytime

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Add Optional

Wireless Day/Night

 Cams on Your

Private Network

 Beware of Phony 

Lower Grade Imitations 


Lynx Touch Screen leads the industry.  It's a professional High Level Burglar Alarm System that can include Total Connect with limitless free email alerts & data backup of alarm occurrences or camera motion detection alerts

Info also saved on our servers

What Makes Us Truly Different  

Is that we care and we'll be a phone call away and at your disposal, whenever you need assistance of any sort 

 We only carry the latest and the best alarms available 

  Choose conventional wall mount or table top for easiest set up ever

Honeywell Lynx Touch

Most Advanced Alarm System

Home Automation & Camera Capable 



Great for Home, Business, Boats & Yachts, Etc. 

Anything within cell phone range can be monitored

Programmed in advance of shipping for fast & easy installation


A recent HGTV show bragged about an expensive and modern home that had home automation throughout. The picture at left is the operations center or the brain that operates the automation.

Ten years ago, this kind of system may have made sense but today, a wafer thin module less than an inch square, inserted into the Honeywell control can now automate almost anything and without wires.

Systems for automation like this one, used to cost a fortune for both parts and labor, but things have really changed and now, nearly everyone can afford it.  It's easy to automate lights, blinds, garage doors, door locks, thermostats and virtually anything electrical.  If you can think it, chances are that we can do it.

L5200 & L7000

User Friendly Installation

Plug and Play Operation

 Hook Up 

With the Best

 Always Top of the Line

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