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DIY Wireless Alarm Systems for Home or Business

Honeywell  L7000 Alarm System -  Most User Friendly - Easiest to Install - Already Programmed - Ready to Go

We'll Match  any legitimate Monitoring Price

Best Service - High Level Alarms serving you since 1986 


Touch Screen Control

Add Zones Anytime

Fully Expandable

Plug & Play Ready

Easy Install

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NEW 7 in. Screen
Get Optional Cameras
& View Live Video

Attention Business Owners

Stop Your Staff from Being Back Door Thieves

Receive Instant Alerts on "Back Door Open" in Unarmed Mode

This is Above and Beyond Security

Add Cameras to Catch a Thief on Video

L7000 PACK

Includes All Items Below


Free Shipping - Advanced Programming - Forever Free Tech Support - No Installation Fees - 4G GSM Cell Dialer - User Manuals - Window Stickers - 1 Key Fob - 1 5800 Pet Immune Motion Detector - 3 Wireless Door/Window Transmitters & Magnets - 1 Back Up Battery - 1 Transformer - Home Automation Capable - Camera Capable - WI-FI Capable - More Zone Capable Than Virtually Anyone Will Ever Require

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Reg. List $902.95

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